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Support after your child is adopted

We offer support to birth parents and families in Birmingham in partnership with PAC-UK – this support is available at any time from when a plan for adoption is made to when your child is 18.

PAC-UK’s support service for birth families is called the First Family Service.

First Family Service can help you by:

  • Providing emotional and practical support and advice
  • Supporting you with letterbox and contact
  • Looking at the reasons for the adoption and the future


How to get support

You can refer yourself to First Family Service to access personalised support.

Phone: 07975 846 249

Email: firstfamily@pac-uk.org

PAC-UK’s Family First


General advice line for birth families

You can contact PAC-UK’s advice line for general advice as a birth parent or relative.

Phone: 0113 2302100

Email: advice@pac-uk.org


I want to find my adopted child now that they are an adult

If you are a birth relative of an adopted person who was adopted before 30 December 2005 and is now an adult (aged 18+) you can apply to find them. This is known as tracing an adopted person. You will only be able to contact the adopted person if they consent to being contacted by you.

We recommend using a registered intermediary agency. Intermediary services are experienced in working with adopted adults and birth relatives. There will be a fee for these services.

Intermediary Services

Adoption Search Reunion

Father Hudsons


If you wish to contact someone who was adopted on or after 30 December 2005, there are different regulations in place for birth relatives. Please contact the Post Adoption Support Team on 0121 303 1010 or dutypostadoptionsupport@birminghamchildrenstrust.co.uk to discuss this further.