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Lifelong support

Our lifelong support offer will be there for you and your family.

We’re committed to making sure that all our adopted children and adoptive families are fully supported throughout the adoption process and beyond.

As an adoptive parent you will share many of the challenges of other parents, our lifelong support offer will be there for you and your family.

Our dedicated post adoption support team will work with you to create your individual Adoption Support Plan. Every child and family’s needs are unique.


Your individual support plan could include:

  • Counselling, information, and advice on all aspects of adoptive parenting from our team
  • Advice on therapeutic parenting approaches that have been shown to benefit adoptive family life
  • Psychological assessment and therapeutic support from our therapeutically trained social workers
  • Access to therapeutic support via the Adoption Support Fund
  • Support and advice in accessing other statutory agencies or services
  • Financial advice and support on adoption allowances and other relevant benefits
  • Support and advice with letterbox contact and other contact between yourselves and the birth family
  • Support to access Pupil Premium funding for school aged children
  • Access to Virtual School
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Contact our post adoption support team

Phone: 0121 303 1010

Email: Post Adoption Support

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