adoptive parent sitting with adoption consultant

Birth families

This may be a very difficult time for you and you may be worried about what adoption means for you and for your child.

Adoption is a way of providing a new family for a child when living with their birth family is not possible. Adoption is a legal process which transfers all parental responsibility for the child from their birth parents to their adoptive parent(s).

Adopt Birmingham supports birth and adoptive parents equally. We offer a range of support for birth parents and birth relatives, before, during and post adoption.


Breaking the Cycle

Birmingham Children’s Trust offers a therapeutic support service for people who have had a child adopted and want to access support. The service is voluntary and a person can choose when they feel the right time is to access it.

Breaking the Cycle also offer the New Growth Project for care experienced people who are pregnant and living in Birmingham. This service is also available to partners who are care experienced. We work alongside people during their pregnancy and beyond, to ensure they feel supported emotionally and practically.

We are always happy to talk about the different services we can offer.

Email: to complete a self-referral or if you are working with a support service or professional, you can ask them to make the referral on your behalf.

You can also contact us by phone on 07927 665329 to have a chat about the service we provide.

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