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Why choose us

Why choose us

Adopt Birmingham is a Regional Adoption Agency, operating on behalf of Birmingham City Council. This means that we are responsible for all children in Birmingham who need an adoptive family and we seek to place them with our adopters first.

We have children of all ages who need an adoptive family to care for them through their lifetime.

When you adopt with us you will:

  • Have one dedicated social worker to support and guide you through your adoption process,
  • Be considered first for any Birmingham children who need an adoptive family,
  • Be considered for children who need an adoptive family anywhere in the UK, equally alongside adopters from any other agency,
  • Have access to personalised, lifelong support,
  • Have access to national support schemes,
  • Benefit from membership with CATCH which we will pay for your first year as an adopter.
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“We would 100% recommend Adopt Birmingham. They are approachable, they have time for you. We owe our whole life now to them.”
Adoptive mums, Evelyn and Ellen