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Adopting Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and sisters have often been the only constants in each other’s lives. Parents who adopt brothers and sisters together give them the chance to grow up together and maintain their closest relationship.

Most people deciding to start or grow their family through adoption, will think about welcoming one child at a time. However, if you want a family, adopting brothers and sisters together means that you only have to go through the process once and your children will have an existing bond.

At Adopt Birmingham, we welcome prospective adopters for children of all ages and needs but we are also keen to explore with you the possibility of considering brothers and sisters together.

Brothers and sisters share a tie unlike any other for children who have already had a difficult start in life, preserving this fundamental bond is critical.

Finding one family for sibling groups means that important sibling relationships are protected, and children often settle more quickly into their new homes when placed with their brothers and/or sisters. It’s a constant in their lives, offering comfort and security during tumultuous times.


There are currently 2,030 children waiting to be adopted in England, of those – 890 are part of a family group and 520 children who are part of a sibling group have been waiting for 18 months or more to find a home.*
  • 61 %

    of adopters

    said that adopting children with their brothers and sisters has been the most beneficial factor in their children’s adoption journey*

    *You Can Adopt

  • 88 %

    of parents

    that adopted brothers and sisters say the positives outweigh any challenges*

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Keeping Brothers and Sisters Together

You Can Adopt interviewed two sets of adoptive parents to ask what helped them make the decision to adopt a sibling group, and ask the children they adopted how they feel having their brothers and sisters living with them.

The adoption process:

The adoption process in England is a legally regulated process. It is designed to ensure that all adoptive parents are properly prepared and assessed to be able to meet the needs of children who have experienced loss and trauma.

Once you start the adoption process, it will take around six months for you to be approved as an adopter. You will have a dedicated social worker who will guide and support you throughout this period.

Adoption Process

Medical Considerations

Every prospective adopter undergoes an adoption medical examination conducted by their GP. It’s a crucial step in the adoption process. We acknowledge that some individuals may find medical settings uncomfortable.

Family Dynamics

Throughout the adoption process, discussions about support networks and family trees may arise, potentially causing concern for those fractured or challenging relationships within their birth family. During the assessment with your social worker, these dynamics will be explored. While your chosen family may offer abundant support, the decision to distance yourself from birth relatives is a significant life event that merits discussion and understanding. Your life experiences, both positive and challenging, will shape your approach to parenting.

The adoption process recognises, and values diverse ways individuals form meaningful connections and find support structures in their journey towards becoming loving and capable parents.