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Before you adopt, you will also need to prepare for the unique challenges of parenting an adopted child.

We provide a variety of training and workshops designed to ensure that our adopters have the best help and information.

During these sessions, you will hear from experienced adoption social workers, clinical psychologists, experienced adoptive parents and adult adoptees. After completing the training, you will have a well-rounded understanding of parenting through adoption.

Stage one training

Adoption support starts at the very beginning of the adoption process. This training will help you to start thinking about parenting from a child’s point of view. Your first training session will be called Preparation Training.

Preparation Training

As a first-time prospective adopter, you will join a preparation group to help you consider how adopting a child will change your family.

The preparation training will help you to:

  • Understand the backgrounds of children who need adoptive families
  • Understand how early childhood experiences can impact adopted children
  • Identify how your existing skills and experience will help you parent an adopted child
  • Identify skills to develop
  • Give you the opportunity to meet other people who are also on their adoption journey
  • Introduce you to the parenting models to help children recover from trauma


Stage two training

The training during stage two of the adoption process you will build on what you learned during Preparation Training.

You will learn about:

  • Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • Early Permanence
  • Adopting brothers and sisters

This training will help you to:

  • Recognise the symptoms of FASD
  • Implement strategies and ways of thinking to support children with FASD at home, in school and with your family and friends
  • Decide if either Early Permanence or adopting brothers and sisters together is something you would like to pursue


We also offer a Family and Friends Workshop to ensure that your support network are ready to welcome an adopted child. You will be asked to nominate up to four friends or family members to attend the online information session. The workshop introduces participants to:

  • the adoption process
  • the needs of adopted children
  • how they can support you throughout your adoption journey

Information Event

Whether you’re starting your research or you’re ready to start the adoption process, our information events will help you to make informed decisions about your adoption journey.

Information events