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Our Children

There are many reasons why children sometimes can’t live with their family.

We need adopters for children of all ages.

In most cases, children who are waiting to be adopted are already in care and placed with a foster carer until they can be placed with an adoptive family.

We place children’s needs first in our decisions and actions. This means that we are looking for the best parents for our children, rather than children for parents.

About our children

All our children have had a difficult start in life and have experienced loss and trauma. As a result, many adopted children become confused and angry about what has happened to them. They need an enormous level of commitment, love and attention to help them recover. Their experiences may affect them for a long time and be revisited at different stages in their lives.

All adopted children need parents who:

  • can put their child’s needs first
  • who are willing to learn specific technics to help them parent their adopted child or children

Meet our children

Although we need adopters for children of all ages and backgrounds, we especially needs adopters for brothers and sisters, children aged four and older and children with additional needs.

Lots of children who need an adoptive family, are waiting to be adopted with their brother(s) and/or sister(s). Wherever possible, we strive to keep brothers and sisters together so that they can continue to grow up together when they are adopted.

Although adopting more than one child can seem like an extra challenge, some people prefer this way of growing their family. Some advantages for adopting brothers and sisters together are:

  • Your children have a biological connection
  • You only need to complete the adoption process once
  • You only need to take adoption leave once
  • You help your children maintain one of the most important relationships of their lives

 Support and training

When you start your adoption journey with us, we will talk to you about the possibility of adopting brothers and sisters. If you are interested in this option, you will be invited to our specialised training.

You will always have access to further training and support from our dedicated post adoption support team. You may also be eligible for financial support, depending on your personal circumstances and the needs of your children.

Most of our children are aged between birth and seven years old. Most of these older children are waiting to be adopted with their younger brother(s) and sister(s).

Sadly, children over four wait longer to be adopted than their younger peers and some older children are never adopted. This means that, through no fault of their own they stay in the care system for the rest of their childhood.

When you start your adoption journey with us, we will talk to you about the age of the child or children you would like to adopt. We will encourage you to think about the needs of the children as well as what you can offer. Older children can be very successfully adopted. There are also some advantages to adopting an older child, for example you will have more information about their health and development.

Many children who need to be adopted have an additional need. Every child is unique. Their additional needs could mean that they have a mild learning difficulty, a developmental delay, or a severe physical disability.

When you start your adoption journey with us, we will talk to you about what you can offer a child with additional needs. Our children need adopters who can accept that, in most cases, there be a certain level of uncertainty around their medical history. For example, if your child has been exposed to alcohol or drugs in the womb may not be known unless their birth mother reports their drug and alcohol habits. Some children have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect, or they have witnessed other family members being abused. This trauma may also have an impact on their development.

Many children with additional needs will flourish in a supportive, stable and loving adoptive family.

Support and training

When you adopt with us you will receive training on some of the most commons additional needs and how you can support your child to manage them. For example, we offer Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder training to all adopters.

You may also be eligible for financial support, depending on your personal circumstances and the needs of your child.

As your child grows, you may notice additional needs that you didn’t know about before. Our post adoption support team will always be here for you and your family. This could include:

  • Counselling, information, and advice on all aspects of adoptive parenting
  • Therapeutic support from Adopt Birmingham’s clinical psychologists
  • Access to therapeutic support via the Adoption Support Fund
  • Support and advice in accessing other statutory agencies or services
  • Pupil Premium funding for school aged children

Read more about our lifelong support.

National statistics reveal that black and mixed heritage children wait the longest for an adoptive family.

We need adopters who can celebrate and support a child’s cultural, religious, and ethnic identity.

In Birmingham, we especially need adopters who meet the needs of black children and children with dual heritage.

children playing with crayons
“To anyone in the black community considering adopting I’d say there are a lot of black children needing homes and that we are their best chance."