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Why You Should Consider Adopting an Older Child

When most people think about adoption, they often picture bringing home a tiny baby. However, there are many wonderful reasons to consider adopting an older child, particularly those over the age of three.  Embarking on your adoption journey opens doors to profound experiences, and considering older children as potential additions to your family can further enrich this journey.

As you delve into the heart-warming adventure of adopting an older child, you’re not just offering them a home, you’re embracing the opportunity to shape their future and form a lasting bond. Adopt Birmingham recognises the significance of this decision and highlights reasons why you should consider adopting older children.


One of the advantages of adopting an older child is the ability to communicate more effectively. You may start bonding and having a good time with a child that is a bit older straight away, because you can communicate with them in a way you can’t yet with a baby or toddler. An older child will be able to tell you what they’re thinking and feeling, so that you can provide the care and support they need.

Shorter waiting times

In the realm of adoption, time can be a critical factor. Fortunately, the process of adopting an older child often comes with shorter waiting times. With an increasing number of older children in need of loving homes, you may find it is easier and quicker to adopt an older child. With this, you provide stability, love, and a chance for a brighter future.

More information

When considering adoption, having access to comprehensive information about a child’s background and specific needs is invaluable. Older children typically come with more information available, as they’ve spent a longer time in the care system. Social workers and professionals involved can provide insights into their development, preferences, and any challenges they may have faced, empowering adoptive parents to make informed decisions and offer support.

Bonding over shared interests

Adopting older children opens the door to shared experiences and interests that can strengthen family bonds. While younger children may require constant hands-on care, older children are often eager to participate in activities and discussions that match their interests and passions. Engaging in these shared interests with an adopted child can help foster connection and allows families to bond, building the foundation for a fulfilling relationship. Bonding over shared interests can really help build a sense of belonging and acceptance within the family dynamic.

Can you adopt a child older than your own?

Having children of your own will not exclude you from adopting, whether they are living at home with you or have grown up. However, we do recommend that adopted children are at least two years younger than any existing children.

Will I receive the same level of support?

There is a wide range of support available for all adoptive parents, we offer a range of adoption support services which starts with preparation to adopt, and includes support groups, training and workshops.

Will I miss out on all the ‘firsts’?

There are many firsts with older children; from first birthday party, first visit from the tooth fairy, first day of school, first cuddle, and even first shoelace tied!


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