adoption process for siblings

Why adopting siblings is a benefit to everyone involved

If you’re thinking about adoption and live in the West Midlands, have you considered adopting siblings? Learn the many benefits and see if adopting siblings could be an option for you.

A large proportion of children who wait the longest to be adopted are part of a sibling group, but below we have outlined some of the reasons why adopting siblings can be great for everyone involved.

A smoother transition

Social workers will introduce the children you adopt in a very deliberate and carefully planned manner to ensure that the children have a smooth transition from their foster home to their new family. Being together with their siblings and having familiar faces throughout can help children adjust more quickly to their new family and home setting.

Relationships and wellbeing

Brothers and sisters share a tie unlike any other – in fact, a sibling relationship is frequently regarded as the longest-standing relationship in life, and for children who have already had a difficult start in life, preserving this fundamental bond is critical. Parents who adopt brothers and sisters give them the chance to grow up together and maintain their closest relationship.

Being part of a sibling group teaches children social skills such as sharing and caring for one another, as well as how to give and take. Not only does it encourage children to share toys, but it also encourages them to share their emotions and sentiments. Keeping brothers and sisters together promotes their development and avoids further emotional challenges of breaking up a sibling group.

Apply once

Many adopters know that they would like more than one child, or they later feel that they would like to give their adopted child a brother or sister. When you adopt siblings, you can grow your family to the right size for you straight away instead of in stages. This means that you will only need to go through the adoption process once.

Some of our children awaiting adoption with their brother or sister are a little older and need a family that can adopt them, and their younger sibling/s. Adopting an older child means there will be less uncertainty about their health or development. Older siblings will also be able to help their younger brothers and sisters understand their early life experiences.


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